A Guide to the Must-Have Surfing Clothing and Gear

Surfers are a special lot. They need some special gear and sometimes clothing when they are surfing. There are those who have been surfing for so long. They have learned the ins and outs of purchasing and maintaining gear. The newbies often need a little nudge in the right direction and so do some seasoned surfers who haven’t bought gear in a while as well. Before you step out to buy clothing and gear, you must first carry out extensive research on all the options that are available. Once you have an idea, you then need to look through the price lists and do a comparison. This will help you to come up with a budget both in short and the long run. You may be able to buy some items immediately. Others might take a little longer. The point is to plan.

Some of the items that you must have as a surfer include:


You cannot surf if you do not have a surfboard. These come in different colors and sizes. There is also different finishing for you to choose from. While variety is a good thing, it can also cause confusion. What you need to do is research on what is available first then match your needs to the best option. One of the most important things is to get the highest quality board. If you want it to last longer, especially if you use it a lot, splurge a little and ensure that you have the best. Otherwise, you will end up spending more money, in the long run, replacing the board.

Board Bags

Board bags are also a high priority. These bags help to protect your board when you are moving it from one place to another or when you are keeping it in storage. With a board bag, you are able to protect your board so it can last longer. First aid kits and breath masks can be added to the board bag in case of emergency. You may also want to include an ACLS certification manual. Doctors are not always close by when surfing so having someone in your group trained in ACLS online certification is important.

Board Wax

Board wax is used on the surfboard in order to create grip. It helps you plant your feet firmly on the board or grip it without sliding off. You can also replace this with board grip. Try out the two and see which one works best before committing to purchase.

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins help the board to hold on to the wave. They are a good addition to your surfing gear and will help you to ride a wave for longer. You can pick from different colors as there is a variety that is available in the market.

Wetsuits and Board Shorts

Wetsuits are a great piece of clothing. They allow you to swim in any kind of weather. Whether it is hot or cold, you are still able to go into the water to ride the waves. You need to get a good wetsuit that will last long and serve the purpose. Also, remember to consider comfort. For sunnier days in summer, you can get some good board shorts or a nice swimsuit for the ladies. This attachment helps to keep you tethered to your board, so it is harder to lose when you wipe out. This general guideline has the basic things that you need as a surfer.