Surf Clothing and Gear

Surfing is a preferred sport to many. Some may even not consider it a sport but just a way to relax and take your mind off stuff. Actually, surfing allows you to get into this so-called ‘flow’ state in which you don’t think but just ‘do’, riding the wave. Surfing is a sport which requires certain pieces of equipment in order for you to feel most comfortable.

The Board

The main piece of equipment, of course, is your surfboard. They may all look alike to an inexperienced surfer, but there are some big differences. There are 4 primary types of surfboard designs – thruster, Malibu, fish, and gun. The thruster is a short board which most people find convenient when they want to do quick maneuvers on the waves. This is the most widespread type of surf board design. Also called the Short Board, it can reach from around 5’8’’ to 6’10’’.

Following the thruster, we have Malibu or the long board. Their nose is rounded, compared to the pointy one in the thruster design. With that, the main differences expire; Malibu’s reach a length above 9’0’’.

The fish is similar to the shortboard, but it is even smaller. However, to compensate for the lack of length, these boards are wider. They may be short, but they are not that comfortable of a choice for beginners. The gun surfboard design is usually used for the big waves. It is used to paddle into the great waves, thanks to its design.

For Beginners

The easiest choice when it comes to the design of the board for beginners is the Malibu. Its bigger, wider design makes it easy for newcomers to the sport. They can find their balance and test out their skills with greater freedom. They provide better stability.

When children first start surfing you’ll also want to remember to be prepared for drowning or a life threatening event. This is not uncommon among children just learning how to swim and surf. If you plan on teaching surfing to a child make sure to obtain PALS recertification online. This will help you know how to treat them if needed.

Clothing – Choose Carefully

Depending on the water temperature, there are many different pieces of clothing equipment available out there. Of course, you should also choose what is more comfortable to you as well.

The board shorts provide freedom in the movement of the legs. They are usually wide and comfortable even if you are not going to the beach to surf. They have quickly replaced the old-fashioned and uncomfortable bulky bathing suits. Their technology provides quick drying, light weight, and fabrics that are stretchable. Even if you are wet, you can still walk around with them, and they will quickly dry up. 

Then comes the rash guard – A stretchy shirt that is designed for the surfer to protect him from the sun rays and rashes. While a lot of people may choose to surf without one, it is a smart choice for people who don’t want to get burnt by the Sun’s heat.

The neoprene vest is a vest that has no sleeves and provides freedom in your arm movement. It is designed to protect the surfer from the wind and coldness when he or she is out of the water. Neoprene jacket is there to help for the same reasons – protect from wind and coldness, and it can be worn on top of board shorts. It has sleeves and is for colder temperatures than the vest.

Surfing equipment is not a cheap to get, but if you are really into this sport, it wouldn’t matter. The technology behind the design and materials is extremely rich and advanced and has helped surfers throughout the years.