What You Should Pack When You Are Traveling To Surf

Surfing is fun, and many surfers travel the world to find the best waves. However, traveling with your surfing gear can be expensive. The best option is to travel light, but a surfboard is going to cost more to travel with.

Packing your surfing clothing and gear can be difficult.  You may want to bring all your gear with you, but this may not leave much room in your bag. Here are some tips to help you figure what surfing clothes and gear you should bring with you.

1. Surf Board

Packing your own surf board for your vacation was very common in the past. Today, this is uncommon, because of the high extra baggage fees. More surfers are now choosing to rent or buy a surf board when they arrive at their destination. There are many online websites that make buying and selling surf gear easy, so you can easily find a cheap board when you arrive and sell it to get your money back at the end of the trip.

2. Sun Protection

When you are on vacation, you are most likely going to be spending hours in the sun. Waterproof and sweat-proof sunblock can protect your skin. Make sure that you are reapplying once every 2 hours. You may want to pack some aloe, just in case you get sunburn.

3. Travel Towels

Many times, beach towels are very bulky and take a long time to dry. Travel towels are a great option because they are smaller, so they save weight in your luggage.

4. Boardshorts or Swimsuits

Putting on a wet swimsuit or boardshorts is never fun. You can avoid having to wear a wet swimsuit or boardshorts by packing multiple quick dry ones and keeping them in your gear bag. This makes sure that you have a pair dry with you at all times. Ladies may want to avoid string bikinis unless they are down with impromptu skinny-dipping.

5. Surf Accessories

Surf board rentals are available just about everywhere, but the brand of surf wax that you use may not be. You should make sure that you have your preferred brand of surf wax and a wax comb with you when you travel. A ding repair kit and soft roof racks are recommended if you have the room in your bag. 

6. First Aid Kit

Traveling is the time when many people need a Band-Aid and do not have one. While you could spend a lot of money on a pre-made first aid kit, you can easily make your own kit. If you want a simple kit, you need antiseptic wipes, bandages, medical tape that is waterproof, painkillers, tweezers, and extra medications that you need to take. You should keep this first aid kit with you, just in case you or someone else needs it. 

If you really want to be prepared to assist if a person is drowning or if they have a medical emergency consider earning your ACLS certification online. United Medical Education is one of the leading educators in ACLS certification for surfers and lifeguards.

There are many items that surfers would like to take with them when they are going on a surfing trip. However, taking all your gear can be expensive because of all the extra baggage fees you would be charged. Renting a surf board and gear at your destination can help keep the cost of your trip down.